Carpenter supply measure cut and strip equipment for a wide range of wire types and gauges.  Our free evaluation of your application combined with extensive application expertise provides you with cost effective options for simple to complex processing solutions.  Wire Process Specialties is proud to be a factory authorized training facility for Carpenter machines. We provide complete training and installation services.

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Carpenter Compu-Strip machines measure and cut wire to length and strip one or both ends.  Click here to view.
Carpenter Compu Cut machines measure to length and cut a wide range of wire and other materials.  Click here to view.
Wire Strippers
Carpenter supply a series of rotary and V blade wire strippers for accurate and high quality stripping of a wide range of wire cross sections. Click here to view.
Magnet Wire Strippers

Magnet wire strippers remove enamel from magnet wire using rotary blades, brushes and abrasive wheels. Click here to view.


Please visit our Transformers and Magnetics posting in for an overview on processing solutions for coils and transformers.

Other Models

Pre and Post processing modules for Compu-Cut and Compu-Strip processing platforms. Click here to view.
The Model 25E is a Rotary Wire Twister designed to quickly restore a Twist to Stripped Stranded Conductors from 13 to 24 AWG (1.9mm to .5mm). Click here to view.
The Accu-Crimp® 62 is a portable bench top Pneumatic Terminal Crimper designed to crimp loose terminals onto Hookup Wire, Coaxial and Flat Modular Telecommunications Cable. Click here to view.