Control Laser Corporation (CLC) is the premiere laser source for manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, solar assembly and fabrication industries.
Wiremaster laser systems provide the perfect solution for quick, precise, and repeatable laser wire stripping. The Wiremaster comes in a newly redesigned compact benchtop configuration for easy access and quick operation. This system can safely strip wires as small as .001" and handle tolerances as tight as .001" as well. We can safely remove 99% of all insulations with 10 second changeover or less. No more need for exacto knives and tweezers - Wiremaster products take all the tedium and frustration out of the equation. 
Control Laser supplies a wide range of laser processing solutions.  These include marking and etching, engraving, cutting and welding.  Please visit our TJ Curtis Technologies/Control Laser page for associated processing solutions by clicking here
The NoNic hand held wire stripper combines high accuracy in the laser wire stripping process with the portatbility needed for applications such as processing on a harness board.