Since 1947, ETCO has produced terminals and connectors in strip form to companies producing electrical assemblies worldwide.  ETCO has a complete line of standard terminals and can produce custom designed stampings for non-standard applications.  Application equipment for the ETCO line is available.
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Standard Etco Terminals and Connectors
ETCO supplies standard ring terminals, insulated and non-insulated quick-connects, pins and receptacles, splices, power cord terminals and automotive terminals and insulating boots for ignition assemblies.
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Custom Terminals and Connectors
ETCO is well known for custom stamping capability.  Etco has experienced engineers and die makers on staff on top of state of the art design and production equipment.  Etco's press rooms have the latest in stamping technology.  Real time quality monitoring and data collection assure high quality product. 
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Crimping Equipment

Quality terminal stampings require good crimping equipment.  ETCO supplies standard mini dies, die sets for larger terminals, splicing equipment and custom assembly systems for the ETCO terminal line.

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