Wire and Cable Connector – Wire Pre-Feeding.

In the July/August issue of the Wire and Cable connector, valued Global Technology Partner: Lakes Precision published an article on Wire Pre-Feeding. This is part one of a series on Wire Processing Essentials.

Pre-Feeding is an essential pre-process to processing a wire or cable. A powered or passive pre-feed provides assistance when pulling wire from a reel. A pre-feed reduces the back pressure from the dead weight of a reel. The resistance from a reel is the primary cause of piece to piece variation in overall cut length and strip length. A pre-feed also reduces the strain on the feed drives of the primary processor (cut or cut and strip), prolonging the life of the feed drives.

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The Carpenter 58B powered pre-feed in the video above can be operated with the Carpenter Compu-Cut or Compu-Strip machines like the Compu-Cut 97A. For lighter duty processing, the Carpenter 56A can be mounted to a table.

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