Automated Wire Processing – Part One.

Processing wires for wire harnesses and cable assemblies is typically done using a combination of hand tools, single process bench tools and fully automated processing machines. Considering an automated wire processing solution is a big step for most companies who primarily use hand or bench tools. The outright cost and global production volumes are two important factors in considering an automated solutions. Overall production lost size is a factor to a lesser degree given the advances in servo motor technology and quick change processing tools.

Wire Process Specialties is pleased to present the Primo XLT, an automated wire processing solution from Schaefer Megomat.

The Primo XLT is priced at an entry level but contains features normally seen in more higher end processing machines. The Primo XLT has four processing stations, two on each side of the machine for flexible processing capabilities. Two MP2.0 (2 ton) crimp presses are included with quick change mini style adaptor plates. The 10 m/second wire feed speed is comparable to other premium machines on the market. Uncompromising repeatability and precision of the Primo XLT provides outstanding price to performance ratio.

With programmable servo motions, the Primo XLT has the capability to process different wire assemblies by mounting auxiliary processing tools. Wire doubling (two wires in one crimp) and twist/flux/tin are commonly used tools. Mount one or two Schaefer SSM weather seal modules to the Primo XLT and you have one of the lowest cost machines in the market for applying weather seals to one or both sides of a wire.

For complete specifications on the Primo XLT, click here.

Wire Process Specialties and Schaefer Megomat have the solutions to solve your wire processing problems. Contact Your Way to WPS to get the information you need to assess your company’s automation readiness to implement automated wire processing in your facility.

Part Two (coming soon) covers extended automation processing possibilities with the Schaefer Megomat Uno.

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