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Cost Reduction with WPS Consumable Parts Program

Wire Process Specialties supplies product and service solutions for companies in electrical and electronic device assembly.  Our overall goal is to make our customers more competitive by partnering with them in supplying processing equipment solutions.  But processing equipment is not the only area where we can serve our customers with cost effective solutions.

Our consumable parts supply program for wire processing machines is unique across Canada.  No company (OEM or otherwise) has a program running to compare to it.  Consumable parts for wire processing machines include cut and strip blades and transport belts.  Wire Process Specialties has a comprehensive database of processing machines running across the country and stock standard blade profiles and transport belts for a number of those machines.  A range of blade profiles are available as well as engineering support to ensure the blade design works the first time.  See our article on Rotary vs V Blade Wire Stripping. Our program is designed to reduce the overall cost of your parts supply as illustrated below (click to enlarge):

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