Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo 2015 in Review: Part One

The 15th annual EWPTE show is behind us. It was a good year with great attendance and new technology in display. WireProcess Specialties continued our strong presence with nine Global Technology Partners showing the latest in assembly solutions for wire processing technology. This is part one of a two part Expo in review. In this issue, we are focusing on Etco, Schaefer Megomat and Wezag Tools.

Schaefer Megomat

Schaefer Megomat displayed technology ranging from bench top processing solutions to the Megomat series of full processing solutions. Customers received demonstrations of unique automation configurations including a new block loader.  The Megomat series machines are going through feature upgrades including a new operating system (Wirestar 20). The latest versions were displayed. We now have several options for customers to choose from.


The Primo XLT. A four station processing machine at an attractive entry level price point. High performance without the premium price.

The model 600 is an ultra high speed processing machine with new anti vibration technology. Capable of mounting weather seal applicators in addition to the presses.


The model 800 is a multi station work center with a total of six stations. The 800 is used where flexibility is required without the need to remove and replace processing modules.

Other Items on Display at Schaefer Megomat

Sam1 Cut and Strip Machine

Sam 1 Cut and Strip Machine


K1002 Hot Melt Mold Machine

New Megomat Terminal Block Loader installed on the 800 Wire Processing Machine

ETCO Incorporated and Schaefer Megomat automate the ETCO closed back flag system.

Our Global Technology Partners ETCO Inc and Schaefer Megomat  joined up to demonstrate the ETCO Insulated Closed Back Flag on the Primo XLT automation platform. The ETCO closed back flag is a two step process where the terminal is crimped and insulator inserted over the terminal in one step and a cover is inserted over the open end on the second step. This demonstration showed how a two step manual process can be automated and how it is accomplished on the Primo XLT.

Terry Curtis and John Stiness (ETCO). Primo XLT with ETCO Closed Back Flag.

Terry Curtis and John Stiness (ETCO). Primo XLT with ETCO Closed Back Flag.

The Wire and Cable Technology Article featuring this application can be downloaded by clicking here.

Wezag Tools Presents the new CS300 electrical Crimper

Wezag Tools unveiled the CS300 electric Crimper.  The CS300 (pictured below) is the next generation to the CS200 crimper. The CS300 has a rotating crimp head and can accept a wide range of crimp dies. A new digital display for entering set up parameters.

CS300 Electric Crimper for Loose Piece terminals.

CS300 Electric Crimper for Loose Piece terminals.

Mike Lobkovich and Thomas Glockseisen from Wezag displaying the CS300 crimper.

Mike Lobkovich and Thomas Glockseisen from Wezag displaying the CS300 crimper.

For more information on the CS300, please click here.

Click here for part two of our Expo review. WireProcess Specialties is your resource to Wire Processing Solutions. Connect Your Way to WireProcess today.

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