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Processing Options for Transformer Manufacturing.

Wire Process Specialties serves many industries that require assembly processes for electrical and electronics.  One industry that WPS has served for a number of years is in Transformers and Magnetics.  WPS supplies a multiple of solutions for the processing of magnet wire and coil winding from simple wire end processing to complex automation for transformer assembly.

Magnet Wire Stripping

The Carpenter Magnet Wire Stripper series provide cost effective methods to remove the enamel from magnet wire.  Models include the conical wheel 88F shown above for stripping ultra-fine wire down to 48 awg, the 27F with a collet stripping head and available extension wand and the 14B for heavy duty round and rectangular wire.

 Material Cutting

 The Compu-Cut 42B is a heavy duty cutter for a multitude of uses.  Cutting heat shrink, pvc and fibreglass tube as well as wire and irregular shaped material can be processed with the 42B. The 42B is part of the Compu-Cut machine series which includes the 33 and 36A models.

All consumable and spare parts for Carpenter machines are available through WPS.  For more information on the Carpenter Compu-Cut machines and Magnet wire stripping line Connect Your Way to WPS or visit wireprocess.com/carpenter

 Heat Shrink Tube Processing


 The heat gun has been a standard method of processing heat shrink for decades.  The Judco Focus Lite line is a cost effective method of processing heat shrink of various sizes. The energy efficient halogen bulbs operate on demand for fast and efficient shrinking of heat shrink tube.   Several models are available to shrink tube from 5/8″ to 1.5″ OD to 15.5″ long.  Connect Your Way to WPS or visit wireproces.com/Judco for more information.

Other Processing Options

Applicators and crimping presses for reel fed terminals, terminals and connectors,  quality validating and monitoring systems for crimping, wire marking, wire cut and strip equipment for stranded and multi-conductor wire.

Connect Your Way to WPS to discuss your assembly processes for your products.  We have over three decades of experience serving our valued customers from coast to coast.

Carpenter Compu-Strip 97A Cut and Strip machine.

The Compu-Strip 97A is a heavy duty cut and strip machine designed to process single conductor stranded and multi-conductor cable.  This high performance wire processing machine is used in many industries including electrical panel manufacturers, wire and cable harness suppliers and companies who process wire for electrical or electronic devices.

 The Compu-Strip 97A is equipped with a precision motorized ball screw cut/strip head to cut and strip wire from 8 to 32 awg, flat cable to 0.520″ wide and multi-conductor wire up to  0.312″ diameter.  The wire feed uses belts for a secure but gentle grip for accurate feeding.   Standard V blades are included with radius V, oval and other profiles for flexible processing.

 The 97A can operate as a standalone processor or with a bench top or floor mount powered pre-feed.  Wire Marking options are available as is wire stackers for long lengths.

Carpenter Manufacturing is a valued Global Technology Partner of Wire Process Specialties and supplies high quality wire processing equipment for a wide range of wire processing applications.

 The Compu-Strip 97A is part of the Carpenter family of wire processing machines.  For more information on Carpenter Mfg, visit WireProcess.com or Connect Your Way to WPS.